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Dennis Tafoya has published three novels: Dope Thief, The Wolves of Fairmount Park, and most recently, The Poor Boy's Game, the story of U.S. Marshal Frannie Mullen whose life is haunted by the reality of her violent father, a former enforcer for a mobbed up labor union in Philadelphia.

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I last talked to Daniel Friedman about the novel Don't Ever Get Old, featuring the retired octogenarian Memphis police detective Baruch "Buck" Schatz. This time we talk about the second entry into the series, Don't Ever Look Back, which is published by Minotaur/St. Martins.

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Megan Abbott is an Edgar-winning novelist who started her career writing classic noir stories like Bury Me Deep and The Song is You, but has moved her focus to more contemporary settings for her last three novels, The End of Everything, Dare Me, and the brand new one,The Fever, about a mysterious illness causing violent seizures among high school girls in a tight-knit community.


My previous interviews with Megan:

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The End of Everything

Dare Me

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